Simple Roast Chicken

I’m guilty of relying on the rotisserie chickens readily available at the grocery store.  Really ANY grocery store.  They are, for sure, best to eat that initial day you bring it home – still juicy and warm.  In the days after the chicken is good in fried rice or soups. I was recently...

Send Food Love Notes

I’m a sucker for a good food card.  “Thanks a Brunch” was the last set of thank-you notes I mailed out.  A little food love note goes a long way.  I find SO many of my favorites at Paper Source.  But if you are in Boston and want to shop local, check out Fresh Made Simple recipe...

Sweet Potato Fries

Sometimes, you just need a plate of french fries.  And sometimes, I just need to let the grocery store help me with these pre-cut crinkle beauties.  It doesn’t take long to bake them with some oil and spices to have a really beautiful plate of fries…I don’t even like sweet...

Caramelize Onion Dip

Chips and dip are etched into my childhood memory.  Back then it was sour cream plus powder onion soup and Fritos.  Today, as a grown up who still loves chip and dip, it’s caramelized onion plus sour cream, cream cheese and yogurt scooped up with kettle cooked potato chips. Here’s the...

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