Shrimp Cobb Dinner Board

Serves 4


8 slices bacon, cut into 1-inch pieces

30 shrimp, peeled and deveined (pat shrimp dry with paper towel, sprinkle lightly with salt & pepper)

2 hard boiled eggs, sliced

2 tomatoes, chopped and/or sliced

3 scallions, sliced

1/2 cucumber, peeled and sliced into moons

1 head of iceberg lettuce or about 8 bibb/butter lettuce cups

1 hunk of blue cheese, 1 hunk of cheddar cheese

Salt & Pepper

2 Limes, quartered (optional, for serving)



1 avocado

1 handful cilantro

1 tsp honey

1/2 C water

Salt, to taste

½ lemon or lime, juice only



COOK bacon in a large non-stick skillet over medium heat until crispy, about 10 minutes.

REMOVE bacon with a slotted spoon or tongs to a plate with paper towel. Set aside.

RESERVE bacon fat in small bowl and add back 1 TBSP.

COOK shrimp, about 10 at a time, in the same skillet for about 2 minutes on each side, until turning white and opaque.  Add additional bacon fat as needed for cooking. Set aside.

ADD avocado, cilantro, honey, water, salt and lemon juice to a food processor. BLEND until smooth (add more water if desire a thinner consistency) scraping sides down as needed.  SET ASIDE in a small bowl. (Dressing can be made a day ahead).

ARRANGE all ingredients and dressing on your board and serve.  Crumble off some of each cheese but leave the block on the board.


*There are so many ways to make a dinner board:  spread out a giant piece of kraft paper, cover a large rimmed baking sheet with foil, use a large platter, use a large cutting board.


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