About 10 years ago when my Mom moved into a house in Allentown, PA she found a jumble of cast iron skillets in the garage.  Like the resourceful person that she is, and knowing cast iron lasts foreeeeevvvvvver, she cleaned them up, seasoned them and gifted them to me.  I’ve been using the traditional skillet (it’s about 8 inches) since then to cook anything from mushrooms to quesadillas.  And I used the cast iron pot with lid for making popcorn.

It was just this week that I flipped the skillet over to see who made it.  Turns out it was Griswold, and imprinted on the bottom below the company name is is ERIE, PA.  A little internet sleuthing taught me that this is a coveted collectors skillet, likely produced sometime between 1865 and 1909!  How cool is that?! I own and cook from a piece of history.  Griswold stop producing cookware and was sold at some point in the 1950s.

I’ve been trying a bunch of new recipes in the cast iron skillet recently including roasted chicken and pizza.  I also make frittatas or tortilla espanola in it because I can start on the stove top and finish in the oven (note: for scrambled eggs I use a non-stick or regular pan).

In addition to the cast iron from my mom, I have a 10 inch skillet from Le Creuset and a personal is 6 inch skillet from Lodge Cast Iron, two great options.

The cast iron doesn’t need a ton of care, which is nice, but I do wipe it down and often give it a light wash to get off built up food and keep the surface smooth.  The key is to dry it completely (first with a towel and then over heat on the stove top) plus a new light coating of oil. From time to time I re-season it (following the Southern Living instructions below).

Here are some of my go-to cast iron resources & recipes:

Seasoning Your Skillet – Southern Living

Cast Iron Pizza – Bon Appetit

Cast Iron Skillets are Forever – Bon Appetit Food Cast

Skillet Cookie Sundae – Pioneer Woman

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