In college, my roommate’s mom used to make big tins of popcorn.  It was salty and fresh and amazing.  It has become part of my college life lore. All the girls on the dorm floor would descend when it was delivered.  We still discuss it at reunions.  And I’m pretty sure, we are all popping our own popcorn these days (no microwave bags for us) thanks to Toni Berger and her popcorn magic.

Those incredible tins of popcorn have always been my inspiration.  This is the basic recipe I use on a weekly basis:


4 TBSP Grapeseed Oil

1/2 C Corn Kernels

Salt, to taste


In a large pot with lid, add oil and a few kernels.

Place on stovetop over Medium/High heat (about a 7-8). Cover with lid. When first kernel pops, add the remaining kernels, re-cover with lid and give a good swirl/shake to coat in oil.

Let the magic happen! Every so often carefully open lid slightly to allow steam to escape and every so often shake the pot to distribute oil and kernels.

Once popping slows (about 2-3 seconds in between), turn off heat. Transfer popcorn to big bowl and add salt. A little melted butter never hurt either!


  • Get out the ingredients
  • Sprinkle in the tester kernels when nothing is hot (older kids can help with hot pad for shaking/swirling)
  • Dress the popcorn with salt and butter
  • Scoop it out into bowls for movie night

Here are some fancy shmancy popcorn recipes with chocolate and spices and all kinds of other good stuff if you are feeling wild!

Bon Appetit Popcorn Inspo

Chocolate Covered Salted Popcorn from The Kitchn

Triple Cheese Popcorn from Alton Brown

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