I am 100% guilty of buying goldfish and tiny bags of pretzels for my kids.  And the thing is, I eat them too.  I also pack them in plastic baggies when I portion out my own.  Talking to my own kids about Earth Day this year was actually kind of a wake up call for me, too.  We can all do better for our Earth and our bodies.

And so, I am making an effort to improve our snack situation. And I’m putting it in writing. For us, snacks have to be portable, we are eating them in the car and the stroller, always. So I’m using small tupperware and also re-usable snack bags like these from Itzy Ritzy.

We’re not going cold turkey on pre-packaged snacks, but I’m trying to make some better decisions with granola bars that have more protein, individual nut packs (or our own mixes of nuts and fruit) and some crackers with a list of ingredients that I actually understand. I also like Siggi’s squeeze yogurts and clementines or bananas are easy to pack and eat.

On the homemade front, I’m making cashew butter and red pepper cheddar spread from Fresh Made Simple, of course.  The kids love nut butter with bananas (and I love it with apples!) and red pepper cheddar spread with crackers or carrots. Hard boiled eggs are always a win and work great in school lunches too.  Apples and cheese were one of my favorite childhood “bedtime snacks” and the kids go for it, too.  Popcorn!  The whole family devours it. And, thank goodness for hummus. I regularly pack all of these items in lunches in small re-usable containers.


  • Help make the nut butter or pepper spread (recipe in Fresh Made Simple)
  • Help peel hard boiled eggs (and bananas and clementines)
  • Keep their snack bags and cups in low drawers to they can get them out on their own
  • Give them a few snack choices, let them be involved in the snack planning (take them grocery shopping!)

I’m always looking for inspiration…What are your go-to snacks?




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