Why I love chips & dip

Every wonderful chip deserves a glorious, creamy dip.  Am I right?!  When I was a little kid, my maternal grandmother, Nanny, used to fix us happy hour at her house.  For YEARS I believed that happy hour was a time in the afternoon for cheese and crackers or chips and dip on the porch.  It was only years later, at my first adult happy hour after work, did I truly remember Nanny sipping a beer while I downed onion dip and fritos.

In honor of chips and dip and to give these incredible Make Your Own Pita Crisps a worthy partner, illustrator Katie Eberts and I dreamed up Mint Cucumber Yogurt Dip.  It’s so cool and refreshing and kind of a bonus that with every scoop you get a helping of veggies!   When I use herbs in dishes and the kids are too young to really be able to chop them I just tear them up and they LOVE to help do that.  Garlic granules are just a different texture than garlic powder, use whatever you have on hand.

We’ll be publishing new recipes regularly…share them! #pintsizedrecipes

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