My son calls these homemade pita crisps “Mama Chips” and it melts my heart seeing his little hand reaching out for them.  Cooking for my kids and filling their growing bodies with good food to fuel their days are one of my top priorities.  But these recipes are a step beyond that — I’m trying to create recipes and foods and images that make them excited to get in the kitchen and join me.

When I made these chips I wanted to pair them with an easy homemade tzatziki-like dip.  I wanted it to be cool and refreshing and include cucumbers!  Stay tuned for an illustrated version of what I came up with later this month!

Don’t forget, this recipe is part of our new series Pint-Sized Recipes!  I’ve teamed up with Katie Eberts, the incredible illustrator of Fresh Made Simple to do all new recipes just for kid chefs.  So get in the kitchen with them, or if they are a little bit older let them do the cooking for you.  Kids cook, we all eat.  Together.  Have fun!

We’ll be publishing new recipes regularly…share them! #pintsizedrecipes

Click here to view the full size image and print!

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