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I’m a cookbook author, journalist and mother of two amazing kids. Check out Fresh Made Simple, my new kids series Pint-Sized Recipes & stay in touch via my social channels! Subscribe to my newsletter below and I’ll send you a FREE copy of my Weekday Meal Survival Guide! Happy Cooking!

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Pint-Sized Recipes – Pita Crisps

Pint-Sized Recipes – Pita Crisps

My son calls these homemade pita crisps “Mama Chips” and it melts my heart seeing his little hand reaching out for them.  Cooking for my kids and filling their growing bodies with good...

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This is where you can find extra tips to go along with the recipes in my cookbook including shortcuts to veggie prep, some of my favorite local ingredients and alternative uses for dips and dressings and sides. I’ll also post book events, signings and general updates. Click the “Get Cooking” button below to find out what is happening in my kitchen!


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